DJ timing in Delhi

dj allowed time in Delhi & NCR

The noise level limits set by the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) are important guidelines to ensure noise pollution is controlled and managed in residential areas. Here’s a summary of the noise level limits in residential areas according to the CPCB:

Daytime (6 AM to 10 PM): The permissible noise level in residential areas during the daytime is 55 decibels A-weighted (dB(A)). This means that between 6 AM and 10 PM, noise from activities such as DJ performances should not exceed 55 dB(A) to avoid disturbing residents.

Event organizers and DJs should be aware of these noise level limits and take measures to comply with them. This might include adjusting the volume of music or sound systems to ensure that the noise generated by DJ performances remains within the permissible limits

DJ timing in Delhi

can play during the day time only and the day time is considered between 6AM to 10 PM

The Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) has established specific noise level regulations for residential areas. During the daytime, from 6 am to 10 pm, the permissible noise level is 55dB(A), which is a measure of how loud something sounds to the human ear. To put this in perspective, regular conversations among adults typically fall within the range of 60-70dB(A), similar to the noise generated by an air-conditioner.

As the evening sets in, the CPCB’s regulations become more stringent. From 10 pm to 6 am, the maximum allowable noise level in residential areas drops to 45dB(A). To understand this better, consider that the noise produced by a passenger car while running averages about 70dB(A).

It’s important to note that noise restrictions are even stricter in areas around hospitals, known as “silent zones.” In these zones, a maximum of 50dB(A) is allowed during the day, and this limit decreases to 40dB(A) after 10 pm. These regulations are in place to ensure peaceful and quiet surroundings, especially during nighttime hours.

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What is the DJ timing in Delhi NCR

can play during the day time only and the day time is considered between 6AM to 10 PM

Till what time DJ can be played at marriage in Delhi?

Formally, until 10 p.m. You have the option to engage with the relevant authorities and request an extension of that timeframe.

DJ allowed time in Delhi & NCR

According to the law, the use of loudspeakers is allowed until 10 p.m. on regular days, and during Navratri, the permissible time may extend until 11 p.m. or 12 p.m., depending on the specific location of the venue.

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