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DJ for a wedding with taste!

Good taste, rich musical erudition and great work experience! ]And also a cool and powerful equipment! I mix all the tracks as a professional club DJ (and I have decent experience in nightclubs and large international projects with an audience of more than 1000 guests, I play trendy music in the background breaks and to welcome guests, and at a wedding disco I arrange a real mix show from the most incendiary parts of the most dance hits in the history of music to dance not only young people, but also guests of any age! Focusing on the dance floor and your musical wishes, I professionally mix dance super hits of different styles – from rock and roll to house, including funk, dance classics of the 90s and super-fresh tops of the charts! And for the holiday, I use a total of about half a thousand humorous musical accents for an interesting and funny musical arrangement of the presenter’s work, I have not only a rich experience of working in nightclubs, but also a lot of foreign weddings and a lot of work on the same stage with world and Russian pop stars!

The task of a DJ at a wedding is to serve high-quality music on time, which accompanies toasts, contests, dances and comic situations. At the same time, the background accompaniment should not be too loud and intrusive, and with the help of some chips and fun tricks, you can control the general mood of the guests. Also, the DJ is obliged to fulfill the musical wishes of the guests. Therefore, he cannot do without equipment. Moreover, despite the bright outfits of the guests, the absence of music can make the whole holiday colorless.

Before accepting an order for a wedding, our DJ will specify in advance the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe room, the entire scenario of the holiday with performances by artists, working hours, and the contact number of the host. He also collects information about the guests, their age, musical tastes. These criteria will determine what kind of equipment a DJ should choose .InTown DJ values ​​​​his reputation, so he uses only high-quality equipment.

The set of equipment consists of a beautiful DJ table-rack, DJ turntables, from which the DJ plays at the event. We also need two radio microphones, wires, connecting cables for turntables. Video switching is required to connect sound equipment to video screens. After all, the new fashion trends for weddings are such that video contests are standard for DJs. And the latest fashion trend is wedding video discos.

Often a DJ comes to a wedding celebration with his own set of sound and light equipment. Thus, full hardware support of the entertainment program is provided. The lighting equipment has racks and lighting devices that are controlled. This equipment makes it possible to emphasize with directional light and correctly present the most expressive wedding moments. Sound technology allows you to switch disco programs. And also, with the help of equipment, a light program for slow dances is controlled. And an experienced wedding DJ can handle all this.

InTown DJ has a couple of sets of sound equipment. His work is famous for its high quality and great experience. Therefore, he very often works at important and respectable weddings, where there are many guests. To perform his rich show program, he orders a whole truck with equipment, loaders and assistants.

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