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We offer a service – ordering a DJ for a children’s party. Our team has been working in the holiday services market since 2007.
Children’s holidays, which are usually held on various occasions, make special demands on the organizers of the event, because every parent wants this holiday to be held at the highest level and remain in the memory of the child and all those present for many years to come. And it doesn’t matter that it’s another birthday or a children’s party, to which special attention is paid, and the main component of the children’s holiday has always been its musical part. There are several ways to organize musical accompaniment for a children’s holiday, but the best option would be to order a DJ service from InTown, which has a number of advantages.

Do you want to hold a children’s party on a professional level?
Then you have come to the right place!
DJ for a holiday from InTown – Your right choice!
We offer!You won’t see this!
Neat appearance!
Communication with any audience!
Extensive work experience!
Professional performance!
Adequate music for every taste!
Responsibility for your holiday!
Tired of the illiteracy of holiday DJs?
Do you want to listen to what you like, and not what is playing (boom-boom or tyts-tyts)?
Does the microphone constantly sound?
The host is not heard, but the music is yelling?
Fanfares should sound, and the DJ has gone to smoke?
DJ “drunk” and can’t tell a microphone from a laptop?

DJ with equipment for a children’s party!
In order for everyone present to have fun at a children’s party, it is often not enough to install a home music center, especially when it comes to a mass event where the music should sound loud, and it should be heard in all corners of the hall and even in nature. To do this, we offer for rent the most modern equipment from world manufacturers, including an acoustic system, the power of which you can choose at your discretion. All this can be dealt with by our DJ, who has extensive experience and knows exactly what is needed not only for adults, but also for children.
DJ services for a professional-level children’s party!
If the budget for a children’s holiday is somewhat limited, then you can save money by providing your own equipment for it. The main feature of our DJs is that they can work equally effectively both on their own equipment and on equipment provided by the client. Long before the start of the children’s party, the InTown DJ will be able to connect equipment, arrange speakers so that the music can be heard everywhere, and at the same time does not interfere with the celebration. As for the children’s holiday, here special attention should be paid to the safety of children – participants in the holiday, which parents and organizers of the holiday should not worry about either. The equipment will be connected in accordance with the requirements of electrical and fire safety, the DJ will make sure that there are no sharp corners of everything that will threaten the health of children.
DJ with equipment for a children’s party inexpensively!
It is not difficult to order DJ services for a children’s party at InTown – just come to our office and discuss the most important details, where the music menu deserves special attention. Children are very fond of singing and dancing, but already at a very early age they develop their own musical preferences, which our professional DJ will definitely take into account. Even at the stage of preparing the holiday, a playlist of the holiday will be compiled, which will take into account the wishes of all those present, and this is most often not only a song about Cheburashka. Our children today keep up with fashion, they are well versed in music, and our DJ is ready for any children’s whims

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