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Booking a DJ for your event is easy.

A professional experienced DJ knows how to work with the audience, this is very important. Much depends on the format of the event. 
For example, when ordering a DJ for an office party, it is very important for the audience that the DJ “feels” it, because as a rule, completely different age categories are present at the office party, from newbie to adults, so a good DJ must make sure that absolutely everyone dances.The profession of a DJ is creative, 
so his job is not just to press the start button. When ordering a DJ for a corporate party, you need to take into account his experience, you can read reviews about his work, since the mood of the events will depend on the professionalism of the DJ. An experienced DJ knows how to improvise, create unique mixes of tracks, always knows and understands where a change in the musical repertoire is needed, and where the music suits the mood. Often a DJ works in tandem with the presenter, 
  •  share your query via call, WhatsApp or contact form. We discuss the date, venue and theme of the event.
  • Meeting Online/Offline. When ordering DJ services.
  • Preparation of music in accordance with your wishes, theme and format of the event.
  • On the day of the event, We deliver the installation and connection of musical and lighting equipment (if the event is held on my equipment). Ready one hour before the event.
  • Full musical accompaniment for your event. Background music, support for the work of the presenter, solemn music for key moments and, of course, a dance program

Booking A DJ never this easy

So are you ready to rock your wedding party? Contact InTown DJ to make your special day memorable for life

DJ for Corporate events

 A business event – conferences, a bright presentation, business anniversary, office party, a solemn mood for summing up or rewarding the best employees – any moment of a business event can be made brighter with the right music that will sound at the right time.  For online broadcasts on platforms such as Youtube where the issue of copyright for music is important, We know which tracks can be used without fear of receiving a warning about violation of broadcast rules.  Entrust the musical accompaniment of your event to a professional. 

Why InTown DJ

No holiday is complete without music, but simply putting on a playlist of songs that everyone is tired of is not the best option, and any organizer of the event, including a non-professional, understands this.  There are several ways to get out of the situation, and one of them is to order a DJ, whose services will not cost too much, and whose skills will create an atmosphere of fun and thrill. 

  • knows how to work with controllers, mixers and other highly specialized devices for mixing compositions;
  • knows what the audience needs, and can adjust the tracklist along the way, taking into account the preferences of the participants in the action;
  • has a large database of hits and a unique collection of its own remixes, as well as the ability to mix them technically;
  • knows where it is better to put the speakers so that the music can be heard by everyone, but it “does not hit the ears”;
  • will select additional sound and lighting effects so that those present at the event get the maximum impression.
  • instant reaction to the changing mood of the dancers;
  • complete freedom of movement and musical trip;
  • non-stop experimenting throughout the program;
  • emphasis on dances and rhythms, full involvement of the participants in the volcanic lava of the sets.
  • The DJ comes to the event with his equipment. A professional approach ensures high-quality sound of music, taking into account the specifics of acoustics, room area and other nuances.

Customers reviews

I want to leave a review about InTown DJ. I have recently been working in the Event field, and there have already been some fuck-ups, so I am very excited about everything new. There was everything you needed - sound, light, music. bass. It turned out very cool, all the employees really enjoyed the holiday. I would like to separately note the convenience of working with InTown, his professional and client-oriented approach. The price for services is quite democratic. If you organize your holiday yourself - InTown services are the most suitable option. I liked that there was more music according to the scenario, there was plenty to choose from. The client loved it too. At the event, too, everything went well, everyone, including me, was satisfied. Nice to meet InTown!
DJ for wedding
Adam Sendler
InTown was invited to an event with athletes - extreme racers. The first thing I want to note is punctuality. To make it clearer: IntTown arrived at the site earlier than us. The second is politeness and willingness to help, to explain. The most tactful communication with the customers of the event, and with the organizers, and with the guests. Great music: there was not a single hitch during the evening. Since the event was not purely musical and dance, it was necessary to follow the timing and what was happening on stage. Alexey felt and understood very well when the music was appropriate, when it should be turned down, when, on the contrary, it should be made louder. Choice of compositions: super. The guests of the event really enjoyed it. Honestly, we worked with InTown for the first time (the event was in early March), and we did not lose. I strongly advise you to invite InTown)
Mike Sendler