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We are InTown DJ, has been DJing since 2013. One of our popular services is the  DJ booking for a school/college event. Musical accompaniment is of great importance when holding an event of any format:  disco,  corporate parties, anniversaries, advertising campaigns, presentations. political rallies etc It can be spoiled by sound quality & tasteless music that does not fit the status or theme of the evening. Even such moments as the lack of a suitable soundtrack from a DJ can negate a good mood. Therefore, do not underestimate the work of the DJ, since it also depends on him what impression the event will make on the guests. We are professionals in this field and we are able to ignite any audience, choose the background music for an event of various status. In the program, everything is thought out to the smallest detail, so overlaps and awkward moments are excluded. We advise you to order a DJ for a graduation, banquet, anniversary and a great mood is guaranteed to absolutely everyone. However, each school/college event needs its  which often largely depends on high-quality music.

By contacting InTown DJ for an event, you will get a person who is passionately loved by all the Delhi NCRians.  with professional equipment and the desire to bring freshness and richness to any important event for you and leave pleasant memories. DJ services include setting up high-quality sound, light and video projection design throughout the event. The InTwon DJ has an excellent technical specialist who has his own set of DJ equipment.  Opportunity to receive a comprehensive service for renting all the necessary equipment (Sound, light music etc.) at a price lower than in professional rental.  The selection of the musical format, style, mood for the event is carried out based on the request of the client. An experienced DJ to be able to work with different customers: from modern non-standard trends to sound in traditional styles.  The experience of working at different venues is also important: open air , a spacious room, a small hall, a loft, a cottage, a club, a restaurant, and more.

Benefits of choosing an InTown DJ for your event

InTown DJ

where there is no need for a full-fledged DJ service. let’s not hide, sometimes different problematic situations happen at events. Therefore, it is important that the DJ has not only flexibility in musical directions, but also in the ability to “smooth out” or “put out” emotions. A professional always remains calm and balanced in any stressful or other critical situation.  Behind the experienced professionalism of working at the DJ console, not the last role in choosing a DJ for an event is his appearance. Depending on the theme of the party, the DJ should look appropriate

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  • #Years of experience.
  • Interest in the quality of work.
  • Excellent technical equipment.
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What we can?

  1. Completely relieve you of the preparatory hassle.
  2. Offer interesting solutions for your holiday.
  3. Save your budget by eliminating intermediaries.
  4. Make your event the highlight of the year.
  5. Always work at a high level.
  6. Invite almost any artist.


Why InTown DJ for School/college events

  • The range of services of an InTown DJ is qualitatively different from other DJs. We are very professionals and experienced in this field. We know how to adapt to different situations that may arise at the event, easily and quickly change the style and energy of the music to suit the mood of the audience, be an improvising artist and set the entertaining atmosphere of the event. 

  • Services of a professional DJ with extensive experience in School and College events. 
    Music that matches the theme of the events. 
    We do all music arrangement 
    Assistance in selection of the necessary equipment.

What our client say...

Many thanks to InTown DJ for the excellent atmosphere, well-chosen music in our school farewell party the guests did not get bored. In addition to music, InTown selected all the music for us himself, based on our wishes, we dropped only the minuses for performances. We recommend him to everyone, great DJ!
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Anushka Saxena
Thank you so much for your professionalism! Our school party went great! You know and do your job very well,  you are sensitive to all the nuances in the script. During the holiday there was not a single hitch. The musical arrangement was very great. and the sound of your music system was really really amazing Thanks again!
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Ishikta Chaudhry
InTown, thank you very much for the wonderful musical accompaniment of our college farewell event! How subtly you felt the mood of the guests! Thanks to your lighting, our tango was fascinating and mysterious. Everything was very harmonious and professional, all wishes were taken into account. With respect and gratitude!
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Aditya Srivastava