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DJ for a wedding – the importance of choice!

Music at the wedding – how important it is!

In this article, I would like to analyze the importance of choosing the right DJ for a wedding in Delhi .

Have you noticed that at any wedding, from the very beginning to the very end, there is always some kind of music playing. She can play loudly or very quietly, but there is always background music. Gathering of guests, welcome, feasting, and even during the wedding toast. The host’s program is also accompanied by music, let alone dancing. And this work is much more serious and responsible than it might seem at first glance. Each element of the program, be it an oath and an exchange of rings during the exit registration, the appearance of young people in the hall, many traditions and holiday elements, all this takes place to the music, for which the DJ is responsible. It is on the taste, experience and professional level of the DJ that the impressions received during all these elements of the wedding event largely depend.

Today I would like to consider the main components that distinguish a good DJ from a bad one.

We will not go into the technical details of the equipment of the holiday, although quite often it is the DJ who provides the venue with the necessary equipment if we are talking about a small wedding or a wedding party. I want to note right away that a DJ with a suspiciously low price will most likely bring equipment or very inexpensive models with weak characteristics, which may not have a very good effect on the volume and sound quality of music, microphones and other things. In addition, disco lighting may consist of several spotlights that will shine into the eyes of guests and not create the atmosphere necessary for a disco. It is better to overpay a few thousand rubles, but be sure that the wedding party will not be overshadowed by unexpected technical problems. In cases with large weddings,

But back to DJs. Needless to say, in addition to the creative side, human qualities are no less important. One of them is responsibility. Yes, it is this quality that allows the organizers of the wedding celebration to be sure that the DJ will arrive at the site on time to fully prepare for the event, will not refuse the order at the last moment, having stopped communicating. Usually the understanding of the importance of this comes at the moment when something starts to go wrong. Agree, the confidence that everything will be in order is expensive.

I would also like to talk about musical taste, creative and modern approach.

Time flies unnoticed, and now, as newlyweds, those who were born in the late nineties and early two thousandths are increasingly found. Agree, along with the generations, the taste preferences of the young also change. This is due not only to modern trends, although this is also very important. In many ways, people’s tastes are formed throughout their conscious youth, and a professional DJ must take this into account. In addition, one of the necessary skills of a good wedding DJ is the ability to combine music that will appeal to most guests of all ages.

If you are planning to organize a wedding, I will be happy to answer your questions and tell you about modern wedding formats.

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