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How to book a DJ for your wedding

You are planning an event where a musical component is needed, and the question always arises of how to choose a DJ, which DJ to order, what is the difference between DJs. First, you need to understand the format of the event, for example: wedding, anniversary, corporate, new year or any other cultural event. For this format of events, you need a DJ with a huge base of music.

You need to understand what kind of experience the DJ has, how many events he (she) held, how many guests were present, so that the DJ does not fall into a stupor from a large number of guests. Thirdly, the DJ  must be stress-resistant. Ready to be punctual and not rude to guests, to be able to find a common language, catch the wave of the guests’ mood and work in a mode of music that is not very close to him or he likes. Such work is considered difficult, and accordingly it is considered highly paid.


The work of a DJ is required not only at weddings, but also at significant events such as: a presentation, a store opening, an exhibition, fashion shows, corporate events, road show, etc. This is already a creative work that requires attentiveness and a sense of taste. As a rule, music for such events is selected in a strictly defined style, emphasizes the importance, style and status of the event. It is also worth paying attention to the experience of the DJ, what companies he (a) worked with.

The ability of a DJ to understand the equipment, adjust the sound, as well as work on different types of DJ equipment, from CD players to the ability to play vinyl players. A few lines about the work of DJs on vinyl players. This is a very interesting service, a vinyl DJ is relevant at luxury events. It can be a tennis tournament, an anniversary in a beautiful atmospheric restaurant, an exhibition or a presentation where you can play beautiful music, jazz, soul, or a beautiful lounge.

Our DJs will play the records with pleasure, smile at the guests, and the guests will be photographed against the background of the DJ with vinyl, which will create a unique entourage of the event.

5 responsibilities of a wedding DJ

A wedding DJ is a creative person who adapts to the mood of the holiday, the musical tastes of the guests and organizes the appropriate musical accompaniment. He arrives at the event much earlier than the heroes of the occasion, guests and even the presenter, makes sure that the whole hall hears the music and everyone present feels comfortable. The duties of this specialist include the following tasks:

  1. preparation of all necessary equipment, which includes a remote control, computer, microphones, speakers, in some cases, lighting devices, smoke generators and other devices necessary for the holiday;
  2. creation of a playlist suitable for the tastes of the newlyweds, their guests and the presenter’s program. Separate attention deserves the beats that will be included during competitions and performances;
  3. competent sound supply of the desired level so that all guests feel comfortable;
  4. connection of artists, visiting groups and ensembles to the equipment for performances;
  5. timely inclusion of the necessary melodies, switching off the songs after the end of the number, competition and other events.

Although the work of a DJ is not noticeable to many, he has to work not only during the wedding, but also before it. Thanks to his musical inserts, guests relax, creates a sincere, warm atmosphere between all those present. In some cases, a wedding DJ can be ordered along with the host. Such a combination makes it possible to make spectacular inserts during the show program, as the specialists complement each other.

Signs of a professional

An experienced specialist knows how to be invisible and creates music selections that everyone present at the wedding likes. You can understand that the DJ invited to the wedding is a professional in his field by the following signs:

  • contacts the couple and the host in advance to find out musical tastes, stages of the program, the availability of invited artists and discuss the necessary equipment;
  • dresses in the theme of the celebration, or neutrally, so as not to stand out among those present;
  • makes sure that the wires do not interfere with dancing and walking, do not cause injuries to guests;
  • has spare equipment or the ability to organize it in a short time in the event of a breakdown;
  • organizes his workplace so as not to spoil the photos with a mess.

A DJ will be appropriate at any celebration, and especially at a wedding. He is not only well versed in music and knows how to turn it on in time, but also sets the tone for the whole celebration, unites guests of all ages with a single mood.

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