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Wedding DJ – 7 Key Responsibilities _

1. Wedding DJ (InTown DJ) arrives at the venue in advance (2 hours), brings and installs sound, light and video equipment (powerful speakers, disco lights, a luminous table with DJ players, connects and sets up radio microphones , installs a video projector and a large screen for slideshows or love-story and video contests, which are now used by all presenters)

2. Wedding DJ greets guests with cheerful cheerful music – usually it’s funk, boogie, stylish American disco, and if it’s bad weather outside, and the mood of the guests needs to be cheered up – with fast surf rhythms!

3. Wedding DJ correctly conducts and musically accompanies (as a music designer) the meeting of the bride and groom, if necessary, adds heart-rending positive lyrical melodies that touch the soul and squeeze out a tear, if there is an exit registration, with musical accents on its most important events – take-out rings, an oath, and the most important words – “yes”, as well as a change of status in the popular social network “VKontakte” from “engaged” to “married” =)

4. DJ for the wedding accompanies the whole banquet with “delicious” music and tasting the guests of the restaurant’s gourmet delicacies, mixing gentle French and Spanish melodies and music tracks on turntables.

5. Wedding DJ InTown DJ will make an entire television show from any exit of the presenter with video and musical intros, backgrounds, beats and audio jokes, emphasizing every word of the host, even if he works with him for the first time, because the DJ is at hand a sampler (like on radio stations) with five hundred beats, any of which can be launched in less than a second in order to have time to joke =) InTown DJ for the wedding will emphasize the character of the guest entering the stage, whether it be a gentle girl or an obese relative, dilute officialdom with unexpected musical inserts that in no case go too far, but only add appropriate humor and relax the guests, turning any banquet into a fun funny party!

checking this or that track on many dance floors and only then allowing it to short and responsible dance blocks at a wedding, when you need to light it up so that each track “stops”! Of course, the wedding DJ InTown DJ finds out the guests’ favorite tracks in advance, looks for suitable arrangements, and then mixes them on turntables with tracks that suit the guests, being guided by age and being able to capture the mood of the dance floor – these are the inexplicable magic skills of every DJ, to feel the dancers!

7. Wedding DJ InTown DJ will smoothly end the evening, accompanying all the necessary events, such as a family hearth, or taking out a cake, cutting it to gentle French music, pleasant tea drinking, gradually slowing it down and completing the party so that guests have a pleasant experience and memories of the evening playing golden hits of jazz, calm reggae music and modern calm music.

In general, choose a wedding InTown DJ, who will emphasize his good musical taste, which was noted many times by grateful guests (for example, read the reviews here: ), gourmet dishes of your banquet and satisfy the musical needs of any guest, flashing his musical erudition!

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