Who is a DJ?

DJing is not just mixing tracks, it’s a lifestyle and a calling. The absence of specialized universities, where they would teach “to be a DJ”, once again confirms the fact that DJs are not made, but born.

Modern music offers hundreds of different directions, ranging from strings to electronic. Mega popular electronic genres appeared around the 80s of the twentieth century, when “live” dance compositions began to be replaced with records mixed using synthesizers and records. Soon there were mixing consoles – special equipment through which musicians composed and transformed their own music. All this led to the emergence of the profession of “DJ”.

Despite the enormous share of creativity, this profession is impossible without a technical component. Music and sound effects are mixed using high-tech equipment and computer software. The professions of a sound engineer and an arranger can be considered related.

While working on their own tracks, DJs change the tempo, rhythm, key and other characteristics of the “source material”. The result of such manipulations are harmonious and original tracks that pump, relax, turn on and courage. 

The main working “tool” of DJs is audio players and laptops with loaded sound editors, gramophone records are used less often.  

As for the duties of a DJ, they usually depend on the venue. Basic DJ “features”:

  • compiling and mixing a track list of a topic specified by the customer;
  • running the event;
  • maintaining the right mood and atmosphere;
  • interaction with the public and colleagues;
  • improvisation and creation of author’s tracks.

Demanded DJs are well versed in music and musical technique, follow the latest news and current trends and freely create masterpieces. Clients try to order such sound gurus in advance, because the demand for talented artists is always higher than the supply.

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