Questions to ask your wedding DJ

Recently, the combination of the functions of a DJ and a presenter in one person has become more and more relevant – in a wedding DJ. But the wedding DJ should be carefully selected, because not every professional will suit you in one way or another.

In order for the wedding DJ you have chosen to best meet your expectations and requirements, be sure to ask the candidates a few questions at the time of selection. You can discuss not the details of the holiday, but also find out all the information you are interested in in a comfortable place in the city, for example, in a cafe over a cup of coffee.

What questions to ask the future presenter?

The following questions will help you to have the most complete picture of the chosen wedding DJ:

  1. How ready is the DJ to create a unique and original holiday atmosphere? Nobody wants a banal organization of a wedding, so those DJs and hosts who have creative thinking and are able to write an individual script for the newlyweds are more appreciated;
  2. Script preparation times. Sometimes circumstances force you to organize a wedding as soon as possible, which means that the scenario of the celebration must be ready as soon as possible. Decide on what date you need the script, and check with the professional if he is ready to provide the material at the appointed time;
  3. Holiday style. Be sure to ask the DJ what the format of the wedding celebration will be. It can be both official and informal, which, of course, depends solely on your wishes;
  4. Dress code for guests and host. When choosing a wedding of a certain style, it is important to follow it in every detail, including the dress code of the administrative staff. Check with the wedding DJ if he has the opportunity to dress according to your chosen style;
  5. What will the competitions be like? In any wedding, the presence of exciting and fun contests is the key to a good mood. Ask what competitions are in the host’s arsenal, how often dance competitions are supposed. We recommend discussing in advance whether the competitions will be cash, what additional props will be required;
  6. The need for transport. Especially in cases where the wedding celebration is planned outside the city, it is important to discuss the availability of the host’s own transport. If there is none, take care of how the wedding DJ gets to the event;
  7. Force majeure. No one is insured on a holiday and from force majeure circumstances. At the interview with the DJ, ask if there were unpleasant and unexpected situations in his work, and how the DJ dealt with them;
  8. Acceptance of leading alcohol. Sometimes the newlyweds allow the host to “sip” for the company. It is recommended to discuss this issue at the stage of execution of the contract;
  9. Additional nuances. At the end of the discussion of your questions, be sure to clarify – perhaps the wedding DJ also has questions. Discuss any details in order to come to a complete understanding in the end.

As for issues related to the cost of the service and its payment, there are a number of important nuances. When an advance payment is made, how – in cash or by card transfer, how much will it cost to extend the service of the host if the guests ask for the continuation of the banquet.

Having found out the listed nuances, you will definitely be sure that Best dj in Delhi will be able to organize the perfect holiday!

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